Walking The Songline With Meg

The Warrior’s Songline is a journey guided by voice and sound that creates a penetrating, provocative and often mystical experience for the listener.  It is an audio mp3, (with accompanying book of the narrative).  The Songline leads you on a deep exploratory journey at a slow and reflective pace, engaging dwelling mind rather than analytic mind.  Journeying on the Songline, you learn what it means to be a Warrior for the Human Spirit and you begin to develop the understandings and skillful means to serve this troubled time.

Walking The Songline With Meg is a delightful and absorbing introduction to Warriorship. It is divided into ten segments that you listen to at your own pace.  Each segment contains several audio tracks from the Songline followed by a video that takes you more deeply into your experience.  The videos are filmed on location near Meg’s home in Utah; these stunning landscapes evoke places described in the Songline.

In her direct, warm and intimate style, Meg offers teachings and guidance for what you have just experienced.  With time to pause and reflect–inspired by Meg and the beauty of nature—it becomes possible for you to discern how you might best serve this time.

Resources include a Practice Manual for learning and deepening the practices offered in the Songline, including videos of Meg teaching Meditation and Tonglen.

Walking The Songline With Meg includes:

  • The Warrior’s Songline audio (downloadable mp3)
  • The Warrior’s Songline book (either in print or downloadable pdf)
  • 10 videos filmed on Songline locations (online and downloadable mp4s)
  • New: Practice Manual (downloadable pdf)

Please Note: all items are downloadable with the option to order the print book

Watch the Introductory Video

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Price: $159 USD

Walking the Songline with Meg
Songline Audio, E-Book, Practice Manual, and Video Series


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Walking the Songline with Meg
Songline Audio, E-Book, Practice Manual, Video Series
and Print Book

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Price: $324 USD

Warrior Training Level One
This self-paced program includes:

The Warrior’s Songline audio file (mp3), Songline e-book and companion Practice Manual (pdf), video series (mp4) filmed on Songline locations in Utah, supplemental videos for Core Practices: Meditation; Mind-Body Awareness; Taking Your Seat, and a Monthly 60-minute Q&A Zoom session with Meg on 2 different dates/times to accommodate more time zones (Sessions are recorded)

➡️ Learn More about Warrior Training Level One: Choosing to be a Warrior for the Human Spirit

Table of Contents

  • 1. How to walk the Songline: A Video introduction

    • Video with Meg
  • 2. This time, this journey, this Warrior role

    • 01    This is a Songline
    • 02    This is a Warrior’s Songline
    • 03    An Old Woman is Sharing Story
    • 04    Welcome
    • 05    Warriors Today
    • 06    Cycle of Hope and Fear
    • Video with Meg
  • 3. The Warrior’s Journey

    • 07    Two Journeys
    • 08    Free from Pride and Arrogance
    • 09    Who Carried You Here?
    • 10    To Be a Warrior
    • Video with Meg
  • 4. We keep moving forward

    • 11    Come Back Again and Again
    • 12    Point of No Return
    • 13    By the Still Water
    • Video with Meg
  • 5. Our response to this world

    • 14    Precipice of Prophets
    • 15    Call and Response
    • 16    Desolation Canyon
    • 17    Path of Ambition
    • Video with Meg
  • 6. The world that is

    • 18    Desert of Dead Dreams
    • 19    Problems that Can Never Now be Solved
    • 20    Here Now is a River Flowing Very Fast
    • Video with Meg
  • 7. We were together

    • 21    Oasis of community
    • 22    Aspen Grove
    • 23    Forest of Desire
    • 24    Come sit again
    • Video with Meg
  • 8. The fruits of training

    • 25    Swamp of Compassion
    • 26    Mountain
    • 27    Orchard of Attainments
    • 28    Islands of Sanity
    • Video with Meg
  • 9. Our human experience connects us

    • 29    Rockslides
    • 30    Wall of Doubt
    • 31    Bluff of Loneliness
    • Video with Meg
  • 10. Warriors Arise

    • 32    Plateau of Equanimity
    • 33    Well of Meaning
    • 34    A Dream of Warriors
    • Video with Meg