In the Creation Time Buwarraja, the land and all of life was sung into being. The Creation Story is how everything was sung into existence, the soils, plants, animals, insects, tools, food, medicine, the Law. All the languages were given to the people in song. The land was mapped by the Ancestors in Songlines connecting the people forever to their place. Song is the land title, the Law and the feeling. Song is the spiritual connecting the land with the sky, bringing the rain and the ” happiness to the land” as Yidumduma repeatedly informs us.

Songline: Multi-media video experiences

Each of these videos uses state of the art technology to evoke the primordial other-worlds atmosphere of songlines. Quite moving and absorbing.

Understanding Songlines: A 360 experience with Rhoda Roberts AO, Head of Indigenous Programming at Sydney Opera House. A production of the Sydney Opera House.


Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters. Production of the National Museum of Australia.


Songlines: The Indigenous memory code

Lynne Malcom and Olivia Willis.

Warrior’s Songline Cover Image

To learn about the culture of the Wardaman people who painted the cover image, explore this rich site of the Yubulyawan Dreaming Project. The Yubulyawan Dreaming Project YDP is dedicated to documenting and sharing the wonderful cultural heritage and wisdom of Yidumduma Bill Harney, senior Australian Aboriginal Elder of the Yubulyawan clan of the Wardaman people.


Growing Up: Gornbunya Site. Yidumduma Bill Harney sharing memories of growing up at Gornbunya site in Garnawala country. As he shares story, for part of the time he is seated in front of the rock mural used as the Warrior’s Songline cover.


Lightning Brothers: Nimji Site. Yidumduma Bill Harney teaches the meaning behind the rock art at this famous site on Willeroo Station, Northern Territory. The Lightning Brothers and their offspring (from a different cave) appear on the Songline cover.