Warriors For The Human Spirit: A Songline
A Journey Guided By Voice and Sound

Margaret Wheatley and Jerry Granelli
(Berkana Publications, April 2020)

A Songline CD Cover Art

Warriors for the Human Spirit arise when the people need protection. This is a time of great danger to the human spirit. While the spirit of life is flourishing in our absence, we are living in exile. In history, exile and solitary confinement are the greatest punishments for humans because they destroy our spirits.

So now it is, as it has always been, when a few people step forward to protect and preserve the human spirit. Not to withdraw or to take hasty action, but to train with dedication and discipline to be the presence of insight and compassion. We train in community to develop a stable mind and clear perception so that we can discern where best to serve. We train as community because we depend on one another to persevere.

The Warrior’s Songline is a multi-sensory experience of the journey all Warriors for the Human Spirit must take to learn how to be the presence of insight and compassion. This is a new form using voice and sound to engage your body, mind, and spirit. As you journey on this Songline, may it change you. May it summon you to become a Warrior for the Human Spirit. May it be the start of your Warrior training.

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