Warriors for the Human Spirit trainings continue full force. Since October 2015, there have been five Cohorts totaling 155 people from 25 countries. Each cohort engaged in training for either one year or eight months. The U.S. Cohorts met in Zion National Park, and then in Crestone, CO. The European Cohorts met at Schumacher College in Devon, England, and then in Tuscany, at the Abbey di Spineto.

Of the 155 people trained, 75% are women, and one third of these women range in age from 55 to 86. (We loved this!) Recently, we have noted increasing numbers of people, both men and women, in their 30s and 40s.

Two new groups of 50 Warriors per group will begin in the U.S. end of October, at Ghost Ranch New Mexico., and in Holland in April 2020.

A very robust community has formed through a variety of self-organized efforts among Warriors, including study groups, book clubs, local gatherings, friendship and professional groupings.

In February 2019, a new formal program began, The Warrior Concerto, for those who have completed the first trainings and are committed to deepening their practice of Warriorship, and strengthening the bonds of community. There are now about 80 members of the Concerto who engage in a program of monthly contemplations culminating in a two hour zoom call each month, which includes teachings, conversations, and small group exchanges. To deepen one’s meditation practice, three three-hour online meditation retreats are offered during the calendar year, and two in-person five day meditation retreats occur in August at Ghost Ranch N.M., and Casa Garuda in Tuscany.

In addition to these Cohorts, five-day Warrior trainings are being offered in Wales, Scotland, and Zimbabwe in 2019. Each of these is tailored to the context of these countries; a few Warriors serve as support and faculty with Meg Wheatley as lead teacher.

The need for Warriors among concerned and dedicated leaders is growing exponentially as this world faces increasing crises and dissolution. The four core skills of Warriorship–Identity formation, stable mind, direct perception, strong community—are proving successful in developing leaders who can be of service as more and more harm is being done to both people and planet by life-destroying political players.

We will continue to respond to the growing demand for Warriors, and the increasing numbers of good people who want to train in this role.

To read a full description of the current Warrior Training, please click here.

  • at Crestone, Blazing Mountain Retreat Center

  • Jerry Granelli and John P. Milton, faculty for Crestone Warrior Training

  • Jerry teaching at Zion National Park

  • Exploring the mythic realm at Schumacher College, Dartington Hall

  • Abbey di Spineto, Tuscany Italy

  • Meg teaching at Abbey di Spineto

  • Qigong with Ulrike, Abbey di Spineto