If you are seeking meaningful ways to serve this complex and confronting time, I invite you to engage with this self-paced, contemplative program to form new relationships with self, meaning, and our planet.

If we are to identify work that makes a difference to the people, causes, communities, and organizations we care about, we must relate to meaning with courage and compassion. We must be willing to develop an honest relationship with life, consciously removing the beliefs, biases, and hopes that blind us. With clear seeing and ever-increasing compassion, we offer ourselves for what is needed and discover that our generosity is rewarded with meaningful, joyful work.

We invite you to explore what becomes possible with new relationships with hope, with meaning, and with Mother Earth. This is a self-paced experience to identify, discover, and practice in three domains. From your curiosity and contemplations, new relationships can develop to support and nourish you in your work and life.

The program is designed to inspire, provoke, and challenge you. Teachings from Meg, and her conversations with Four Arrows (an Indigenous educator, author and Wisdom Keeper), are followed by periods of contemplation and reflection. If you take the time to wholeheartedly engage with this material and do the contemplations, we feel confident that you will form new relationships with your mind, with this time, and with our wondrous planet.

An Exploration In Three Domains

1. LIBERATED FROM THE BLINDERS OF HOPE, you will develop capacity to:

Identify what blinds us from seeing present meaning clearly, especially the fog of hope and the myth of progress.

Discover that beyond the Cycle of Hope and Fear is good, meaningful work born from compassion and insight.

Practice recognizing personal beliefs and expectations that blind us: liberated from these, we can see clearly to act wisely.

“Indigenous cultures have no word or concept for hope or deceit. Those who lie have no relationship with reality.”
Four Arrows, Indigenous author, educator, Wisdom Keeper

2. MAKING A MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION, you will develop capacity to:

Identify your personal definition of “meaning” by contemplating what’s been meaningful to you in your own experience.

Discover the definition of meaning is quite simple: It’s always about relationships and contributing to what is needed.

Practice using these two questions to guide your choice of work forever:

  1. What’s needed here?
  2. Am I the right person to contribute at this time?

“Although the bombs were falling nearby, I didn’t feel fear. I felt dignity.”
U.N. aid worker in Syria

3. BELONGING HERE WITH MOTHER EARTH, you will develop capacity to:

Identify your past and present personal experiences belonging to the family of all beings.

Discover that the experience of belonging with Mother Earth is trustworthy: We feel welcomed, held, and beloved. Everything feels okay (even when it isn’t).

Practice experiencing profound and joyful ways of being with Life.

“When we love life, life loves us back.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer. Author, Farmer, Indigenous Educator


  • A sequence of ten teachings and contemplations on SUTRA course platform with downloadable mp4s.
  • A Practice Guide for “How To Contemplate,” and visuals of the ten contemplations.
  • Resources for further study, including videos, articles, and books for each domain.

 Price: $149

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Sample Contemplations

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