Restoring Sanity

Practices to Awaken Generosity, Creativity & Kindness In Ourselves and Our Organizations

March 2024, Berrett-Koehler

What Would It Be Like to Restore Sanity?

What would it be like to work together again in creative and generous ways?
What would it be like to be curious about who you’re with rather than judging or fearing them?
What would it be like to engage together in exploring possibilities rather than withdrawing in conflict or disagreement?
What would it be like to be working well together?

From 50 years working with leaders globally, I state with full confidence that leadership has never been more difficult. And it’s not our fault. We’ve been good and caring leaders, we’ve led people in empowering, engaging ways to create meaningful, productive work. But now we face external conditions far beyond our control to change, dynamics intensifying at shocking speed.

The perfect storm is here, created by the coalescence of climate and human-created catastrophes. As leaders dedicated to serving the causes and people we treasure, confronted by this unrelenting tsunami, what are we to do? I state my answer to this also with full confidence:

We need to restore sanity by awakening the human spirit. We can achieve this only if we undertake the most challenging and meaningful work of our leader lives: Creating Islands of Sanity.

An Island of Sanity is a gift of possibility and refuge created by people’s commitment to form healthy community to do meaningful work. It requires sane leaders with unshakable faith in people’s innate generosity, creativity, and kindness. It sets itself apart as an island to protect itself from the life-destroying dynamics, policies, and behaviors that oppress and deny the human spirit. No matter what is happening around us, we can discover practices that enliven our human spirits and produce meaningful contributions for this time.

This book is my gift to you, filled with perspectives and practices chosen for their power to restore and awaken the human spirit, to enrich our capacity to work well together, to create more goodness and possibility. At this time when lives and possibilities are destroyed by casual destructive decisions, I aspire for us to be sane leaders devoted to restoring and awakening the finest qualities of being human—our generosity, creativity, and kindness. We will not change the world, but we can create Islands of Sanity where our human spirits come alive and we contribute in ways that make more possible.


Restoring Sanity: Practices to Awaken Generosity, Creativity & Kindness In Ourselves and Our Organizations

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