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New Book Released: How Does Raven Know?

How Does Raven Know Cover

Wheatley publishes her eighth book, written just after her 70th birthday, a highly personal and reflective memoir of her experiences with sacred world, written in poetic form with dozens of her photographs as well.

Each of my books is an invitation to see the world with new eyes. Yet unlike my previous seven books, How Does Raven Know? invites you to see the world anew informed not by science but by sacred wisdoms. I have sought to encourage you to shift your gaze once again to discover the support, confidence, and companionship we need to meet this time. My aspiration is to reintroduce you to a world we modern ones have dismissed or ignored, a world still held for us in the ancient wisdom traditions of most cultures.    It is not a call to action, but to relationship with forgotten companions and animate Earth that, in my own experience, willingly offer us support, encouragement, and consolation.

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