Title: Detroit
Source: Filiz Telek (posted on Vimeo)

“I recently participated in a learning journey that took place in Detroit, led by visionary author and teacher Margaret Wheatley and local activist Richard Feldman in partnership with the Boggs Center. The learning journey was an inquiry into and an invitation to bear witness how people of Detroit are re-building community and livelihoods in a post-industrial world.

Detroit restored my hope beyond hope, my faith beyond faith.

This is the story of Detroit from my eyes, my ears, my heart. We need to know about Detroit, not only to bear witness the amazing people who are Re-Imagining everything there but to find the power, the courage and the beauty in our own hearts so when the shi(f)t hits the fan – like it did in Detroit – we’ll know where to take refuge and how to move forward.”

See the Brochure for the Detroit Learning Journey for more details

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For more on Grace Boggs’ inspiring work, please see boggscenter.org



Title: We Are Shaking the World with a New Dream
Source: Filiz Telek (posted on Vimeo)

Legendary social justice activist Grace Lee Boggs talks to a group at Boggs Center, during a learning journey led by Margaret Wheatley and Richard Feldman. 40 participants came from all over US, Canada, Brazil, UK and Turkey to learn about how people are re-imagining and re-creating Detroit in a post-industrial world. At the age of 97, Grace is sharp, inspiring and beautiful.