Here is a small but growing collection of videos that I hope you will take the time to watch.

Among all the wonderfully creative short videos being produced these days, the ones I’ve selected for inclusion in my site are those that beautifully and poignantly express the beliefs, dreams, and difficult realities that also underpin my own work.

I welcome your suggestions for other videos that have these same qualities.

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Videos Featuring Margaret Wheatley

Resilience Through Compassion and Connection with His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Meg was invited to be in a public conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New Orleans on May 17, 2013.  The theme was “Resilience through Compassion and Connection.” The event was sponsored by Tulane University and, because of her work in New Orleans post-Katrina, she was invited to speak about the power of community in times of difficulty.

What is a Servant Leader in this uncertain world? International Servant Leadership Summit, October 2020
In this 18’ talk for the International Servant Leadership Summit, October 2020, Meg reconnects us to our faith in the human spirit that inspires us to serve.  She also stresses that a new form of servant leadership is required.  When people are in so much fear and anxiety, we cannot lead from behind; we must move to the front and take charge.  As people learn to trust us and experience our faith in them, only then will they move out of fear and willingly step forward to participate.

Kamp Solutions: Beyond the Virus Special with Margaret Wheatley, August 2020. 
As part of a series of conversations for public TV in California, Meg was interviewed by host Jurriann Kamp.

A Conversation with Terry Patten, founder of A New Republic of the Heart, May 2020. https://newrepublicoftheheart.org/

Opening to the World: A conversation with Terry Patten Ecovillage Network 
Here is a video version of my podcast interview with Terry Patten; it has been enhanced with visuals, created by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, creators and hosts of the Post-Doom work and website.  Their purpose is to create “regenerative conversations exploring overshoot grief, grounding and gratitude.”  This site is rich in stimulating, provocative and penetrating videos of interviews with people who are thinking about how we journey through this time.  I highly recommend exploring many of the conversations posted there.  Scroll down the home page to find Meg’s.

Earth Talk, Schumacher College, Devon, U.K. Live stream July 15, 2020.

O Brave New World That Has Such People In It! 
As we observe and participate in our brave new world, what do we behold? Are we like Miranda who experiences only wonder? “How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is!” Or are we like Aldous Huxley who saw a world of technological domination, pacifying its citizens yet utterly meaningless? At this present moment, we know who we are, we know the world we want, but what is the world we have? What is possible now, and what is hopeful thinking? Using the patterns of history, how do we see more clearly in order to act more wisely? Who do we choose to be as we face reality, claim our role, and offer more sanity to this world?

Global Ecovillage Network online summit 
January 2020
This online summit at the beginning of February 2020, brought together members of the Global Ecovillage Network from nearly every nation on the planet.  The Global Ecovillage Network is a global association of people and communities dedicated to living “sustainable plus” lives by restoring the land and adding more to the environment than is taken.  For Meg, their work in building local and sustainable communities is proof positive of Berkana’s primary mantra: Whatever the problem, community is the answer.  In her video, Meg also speaks of Islands of Sanity, another description for these ecovillages.

Islands of Sanity Meaning Conference, Brighton U.K.
November 2017
This was an audience of bright, committed and hopeful activists focused on using innovative approaches in business to create large scale changes. I felt the need to caution them against being motivated from the hope of accomplishing these goals and instead to do their work beyond hope and fear, clear that the work is necessary and good no matter how it turns out.

Meg Wheatley Interview: Our National Parks Service
In this video, I summarize my seven years of work with National Parks Service, as a member of the twelve-person National Advisory Board.  As I tell in this video, this has been among the most rewarding consultancies of my entire career.  And I am deeply connected and passionate about the work of the National Parks.  This is the 100th birthday of the Parks and you’ll probably notice that there’s a lot of publicity designed to both promote parks and to create a sense of stewardship for the parks.  Nothing is preserved and protected against the constant onslaught of threats to our parks except through determined citizen engagement.

Video with Meg Wheatley for I-Open.org
Meg Wheatley presented “The Gift Economy” seminar November 1, 2013, at the River’s Edge Cleveland in Rocky River, Ohio. While visiting the Cleveland area, Meg contributed a conversation to the I-Open library offering perspective on today’s shifting world, what we as leaders can do next, and what must be done in the face of deteriorating civilization to sustain belief in human potential.

2012 Smart Start Conference
Meg Wheatley answers questions about leadership in this interview filmed at the 2012 National Smart Start Conference for early childhood educators.

Perseverance: Leadership in Turbulent Times
This October 19, 2011 presentation in Vancouver, B.C. was part of an event sponsored by Hollyhock and The Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education.

Let Go and Lead
In this interview Margaret speaks about: the illusion of control, motivation, humility, a fundamental paradigm shift, the new paradigm, relationships, taking action, and process.

For Persevering People
This video features Margaret Wheatley discussing the topic of perseverance, and her DVD For Persevering People

This video features Margaret Wheatley discussing her book Perseverance, including why she decided to write on this topic.

Eight Fearless Questions
This brief video is excerpted from Meg Wheatley’s DVD entitled Eight Fearless Questions. In the DVD, Dr. Wheatley explores eight questions designed to help you develop clarity about your work and the contribution you want to offer at this troubled time.

Meg’s Peace Corps training experience in 1966, Hilo Hawaii
From 1966-68 I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Korea, the first group to go into this war-ravaged country. Korea was still a traditional culture, foreign in all ways: food, language, alphabet, religion, culture, geography. I now realize what a privilege it was to live in a culture that had not changed its ways of being and relating for many centuries. Today Korea is the poster child for globalization, and the old culture only appears at festivals and weddings, lost to development and modernization as have most cultures the world over.

This video relates the experience of the Peace Corps Volunteers who trained in Hilo Hawaii (also before Hawaii became a tourist destination). While it doesn’t focus on my group specifically, it fully captures the experiences of training I went through as well as the idealism that propelled so many of us to serve in the Peace Corps in its first years. We were truly inspired by President John F. Kennedy and the Peace Corps was one way that I, as a young college graduate, tried to carry on his vision.

As I reflect back on my experiences in Korea, it was where I first learned to deal with a culture that was truly foreign, but to which I became very acclimated in the 2.5 years I served there. It was also where I learned that beneath our varied cultural manifestations, we are all humans with the same basic wants and values. When we left Korea, my friends and I agreed that after this, we could go anywhere and feel comfortable. And I did.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gCXKJvCknM