Essential Conversations – with Patricia and Craig Neal

Speaking to a group of mostly elders who still are committed to meaningful contribution, I wasted no time in summoning them to fine their right work.  For all of us, I do feel this sense of “there’s no more time to hesitate.  We are needed now, whatever our contribution.” February 2024

Equity Conference

So much has changed in the arena Diversity,  Equity, and Inclusion—and not for the good.  This work has become a weapon of abuse by the far right crazies, and now banned in many states.  Yet this presentation names some essential truths about what’s required to create true inclusion and equity. February 2021

Earth Talk, Schumacher College, Devon, U.K.

As we observe and participate in our brave new world, what do we behold? Are we like Miranda who experiences only wonder? “How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is!” Or are we like Aldous Huxley who saw a world of technological domination, pacifying its citizens yet utterly meaningless? At this present moment, we know who we are, we know the world we want, but what is the world we have? What is possible now, and what is hopeful thinking? Using the patterns of history, how do we see more clearly in order to act more wisely? Who do we choose to be as we face reality, claim our role, and offer more sanity to this world? July 2020