Featured Interview

Margaret Wheatley on Who Do We Choose To Be?

May 2023

An Interview with Lorenz Sell from Sutra Spaces

Interviews With Meg:

Beyond Hope and Fear- an Interview with Michael Dowd

October 2022

Finding Ground in “The Age of Threat”- an Interview with Michael Shaw

June 2022

The experience of living in collapsing systems is deeply challenging for all of us willing to look at such things. Meg Wheatley, with her long practice of service and spiritual practice, brings some profound insights into how to live in these times with grace, as well as how to meet our darker emotions well. I first came across Meg via a workshop she co-led with Pema Chodron more than 10 years ago. She was speaking about a Hopi Prophecy spoken to the world in 2000 describing the times we were living in and how to meet them. This prophecy forms the basis of the conversation.

Opening to the World: A conversation with Terry Patten

May 2020

Here is a video version of my podcast interview with Terry Patten; it has been enhanced with visuals, created by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, creators and hosts of the Post-Doom work and website.  Their purpose is to create “regenerative conversations exploring overshoot grief, grounding and gratitude.”  This site is rich in stimulating, provocative and penetrating videos of interviews with people who are thinking about how we journey through this time.  I highly recommend exploring many of the conversations posted there.  Scroll down the home page to find Meg’s.

How Do We Choose to Teach in a Disruptive and Covid World?

January 2021

Co-founder of Unleash Learning, Dr. William DeJean interviews Margaret Wheatley.

Link to part 1: https://unleash-learning.com/2021/01/how-do-we-choose-to-teach-in-a-disruptive-and-covid-world-w-margaret-wheatley-part-1/

Link to part 2: https://unleash-learning.com/2021/01/how-do-we-choose-to-teach-in-a-disruptive-and-covid-world-w-margaret-wheatley-part-2/

Collective Trauma Summit 2020: The Power of Collective Healing with Margaret Wheatley hosted by Thomas Hübl

September 2020

This online event is to explore methods for working with unresolved and hidden trauma in individuals, communities, and society.  Margaret Wheatley was asked to speak about becoming a Warrior for the Human Spirit.