Transformational Learning Summits

Lorenz and Natasha Sell are wonderful friends and colleagues, as well as the creators of the online platform Sutra that we rely on for our online courses and ongoing communities of Warriors.

In January 2024, Lorenz interviewed me about Restoring Sanity.  In May 2023 we had a long exchange about Who Do We Choose to Be?  I love both these interviews for their depth and intimacy.

Restoring Sanity

Who Do We Choose To Be?

Men Alive, an Interview with Dr. Jed Diamond

February 2024

This was a delightful shared inquiry into both the Masculine and Feminine energies—a crucial exploration at this time.  Jed also wrote up our conversation in an article, you can read here.

Climate Alliance

January 2024

The Climate Coaching Alliance is a wonderful group of coaches and leaders who know the climate and ecological emergency we face, dedicated to shifting the awareness and actions of those they coach.

“We hold space for personal, professional, social and ecological growth, through dialogue, networking, skill sharing, storytelling, and action.”  I felt we went very deep in discerning what is and what is not possible with a wide variety of clients.

Collective Trauma Summit | The Power of Collective Healing

September 2020

In conversation with Thomas Hübl, one of the clearest teachers about trauma, I confront our intense focus on both individual and collective trauma by citing Asian cultures for whom the concept doesn’t even exist.  What can we learn from understanding that this is how Western peoples have been conditioned to think about life’s struggles, yet other peoples have no sense of victim, shame, or “bad things” happening to them?