I do many interviews/podcasts, (most recent ones are posted under Interviews), but these posted here are important to me for their content, even if recorded a few years ago.

Beyond Hope and Fear

Michael Dowd left us October, 2023.  His loss is immeasurable but he left an extremely rich legacy of interviews, narrated books and articles, and sermons at www.postdoom.com.

I lost a dear friend with whom I was in constant exchanges, many about the absurd and/or stupid acts of denial that were and are becoming evermore common.  It is a great blessing that we recorded this exploration of Hopium in October 2022.

Facing Civilization Collapse Like a Warrior

In so many interviews, I have to keep repeating the evidence for collapse. Dave Ursillo understood where we are and so this interview from March 2023 goes deep into reality and how we can find a role of great meaning and possibility, that of a Warrior for the Human Spirit.

Finding Ground in “The Age of Threat”

Michael Shaw first came across my work via a workshop I co-led with Pema Chodron more than 10 years ago. I was speaking about a Hopi Prophecy spoken to the world in 2000, describing the times we were living in and how to meet them. This prophecy forms the basis of our conversation from June 2022.