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It is a Wondrous Thing

Written and recited by Margaret Wheatley, accompanied on the handpan by musician Gary Muszynski.  September 2023.

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The Work of Sane Leadership

November, 2023
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Leaders As Warriors for the Human Spirit

June 6, 2023
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I Want to Be a Ukrainian.

May 2023

I wrote this poem in 2005 in honor of the Orange Revolution in 2004, when Ukrainians refused to accept the results of an election later declared to be fraudulant by their Supreme Court. This marked the beginning of years of protest against Russian interference. In May 2023, I was asked for permission to have the poem read at the graduation of the International School in Kiev The graduation ceremony took place in Warsaw Poland (where the Kiev school relocated until June ’23), at the Museum commemorating the experience of Polish Jews. I recorded this for their ceremony, and feel this was one of the greatest honors possible for me.

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Solving Complex Problems; Relying on Inclusion and Diversity

Written by Margaret Wheatley.  April 2022. Read here

Bearing Witness to Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Written by Margaret Wheatley.  December 26, 2021. Read here

Freeing Ourselves from the Addiction of Hope

Written by Margaret Wheatley.  October 2021. Read here

Listen to article (mp3) read by Michael Dowd (www.postdoom.com).