Here you will find Meg’s presentations, interviews and podcasts recorded since January 2020.  She continues to do these frequently, so keep checking this space for the latest.  Older Videos and podcasts prior to 2020 are found here:

Photo by Meg of Mary after the Annunciation, Florence Italy

Articles & Poems

Solving Complex Problems; Relying on Inclusion and Diversity
Written by Margaret Wheatley.  April 2022. Read here

Bearing Witness to Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
Written by Margaret Wheatley.  December 26, 2021. Read here

Freeing Ourselves from the Addiction of Hope
Written by Margaret Wheatley.  October 2021. Read here

Listen to article(mp3) read by Micheal Dowd (

I Want to Be a Ukrainian.
Meg wrote this poem to celebrate the Orange Revolution of 2004 in Ukraine, which was a temporary victory for freedom. Original 2005. Updated 2022. Read here


Becoming a Shambhala Warrior: A Tribute to Pema Chödrön
Presented at The Wisdom of Pema Chödrön; A Summit of Timeless Teachings to Awaken the Heart by The Lion’s Roar
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The Role of Art in Expressing the Fullness of the Human Experience.
A conversation and performance with Slovenian violinist Miha Pogacnik
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How Do We Choose to Teach in a Disruptive and Covid World?
Co-founder of Unleash Learning, Dr. William DeJean interviews Margaret Wheatley.  January 2021.

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Systemic Leadership Summit 2021
In the fifth edition of the annual Systemic Leadership Summit, Margaret Wheatley was interviewed by the host, Jennifer Campbell. The mission of this online event is to help you shift your leadership paradigm from the individual to the collective.
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Equity Conference 2021
The Equity Conference was hosted by the San Diego County Office of Education.  The conference theme was “Equity is Love in Action.”  Meg drew an important distinction between equity and love, and offered practices for assessing the strength of relationships and keeping them strong and healthy.

Margaret Wheatley shares two practices: Taking your seat & Tonglen
This is an excerpt of Meg teaching to Warriors for the Human Spirit. Two practices that are essential for these times- Taking your seat and Tonglen (giving and receiving)

What is a Servant Leader in this uncertain world?  International Servant Leadership Summit, October 2020
In this 18′ talk for the International Servant Leadership Summit, Meg reconnects us to our faith in the human spirit that inspires us to serve.  She also stresses that a new form of servant leadership is required.  When people are in so much fear and anxiety, we cannot lead from behind; we must move to the front and take charge.  As people learn to trust is and experience our faith in them, only then will they move out of fear and willingly step forward to participate.

Collective Trauma Summit 2020: The Power of Collective Healing with Margaret Wheatley hosted by Thomas Hübl, September 2020
This online event is to explore methods for working with unresolved and hidden trauma in individuals, communities, and society.  Margaret Wheatley was asked to speak about becoming a Warrior for the Human Spirit.

Kamp Solutions: Beyond the Virus Special with Margaret Wheatley, August 2020. 
As part of a series of conversations for public TV in California, Meg was interviewed by host Jurriann Kamp.

Opening to the World: A conversation with Terry Patten  
Here is a video version of my podcast interview with Terry Patten; it has been enhanced with visuals, created by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, creators and hosts of the Post-Doom work and website.  Their purpose is to create “regenerative conversations exploring overshoot grief, grounding and gratitude.”  This site is rich in stimulating, provocative and penetrating videos of interviews with people who are thinking about how we journey through this time.  I highly recommend exploring many of the conversations posted there.  Scroll down the home page to find Meg’s.

Earth Talk, Schumacher College, Devon, U.K. Live stream July 15, 2020.
O Brave New World That Has Such People In It! 
As we observe and participate in our brave new world, what do we behold? Are we like Miranda who experiences only wonder? “How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is!” Or are we like Aldous Huxley who saw a world of technological domination, pacifying its citizens yet utterly meaningless? At this present moment, we know who we are, we know the world we want, but what is the world we have? What is possible now, and what is hopeful thinking? Using the patterns of history, how do we see more clearly in order to act more wisely? Who do we choose to be as we face reality, claim our role, and offer more sanity to this world?

Global Ecovillage Network online summit 
January 2020
This online summit at the beginning of February 2020, brought together members of the Global Ecovillage Network from nearly every nation on the planet.  The Global Ecovillage Network is a global association of people and communities dedicated to living “sustainable plus” lives by restoring the land and adding more to the environment than is taken.  For Meg, their work in building local and sustainable communities is proof positive of Berkana’s primary mantra: Whatever the problem, community is the answer.  In her video, Meg also speaks of Islands of Sanity, another description for these ecovillages.


Some interviews with Meg Wheatley are available as podcasts online. Visit the following links to listen to and/or download these audio files.

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February 2022:
Outside Conversations with Margaret Wheatley – On The Warrior’s Songline

An exploration with two friends who were with Meg in the early days of Berkana’s global work with younger leaders.  “I feel I got to talk about just about everything that’s important to me at present.” 

Link to the podcast:

May 2020:
Warriors Wanted: It’s Time to Defend the Human Spirit. A Conversation with Terry Patten, founder of A New Republic of the Heart. 

Video also available. See above Opening to the World: A conversation with Terry Patten 

Link to the podcast:

January 2020:
Warriors wanted: Why one woman is training people to defend the human spirit

CBC radio’s Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes. Meg spoke with Mary in January 2020.

Link to the podcast & transcription: