Training for Warriors for the Human Spirit

Since 1966, I have worked out in the world seeking to understand ways of perceiving and working that give us the capacity to deal well and sanely with this troubling time. My work, writings and teachings are a constant and consistent invitation to see the world with new eyes. If we are to contribute to this unendingly complex world and the complicated, exhausting lives we now live, we need to develop much greater insight and understanding before we choose our actions.

Seeing with new eyes gives us the capacity to solve problems instead of creating more of them. As the American newsman Eric Sevaried remarked, “the cause of problems is solutions.” This is increasingly more evident as we watch programs and policies not only fail, but create unintended consequences that cause greater harm. Only if we take the time and discipline to see with new eyes will we be able to discern more clearly and choose more wisely. And as our clarity and wisdom grows, we develop the confidence and strength necessary to persevere in the work that is ours to do.

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