For Persevering People Email Series

My Dear Friends,

As this tempestuous, surreal year draws to a close, and as we face the fearful uncertainty of 2017, I want to support us good, weary people by offering pages from my book Perseverance, published in 2010. If you sign up (by clicking here), you will receive one page every week for fourteen weeks. I’ve selected fourteen pages from the book that I feel of most value as we continue to do meaningful work in the midst of increasingly difficult circumstances. I offer this as my gift to you.

The Chinese character for Perseverance describes our challenges well: The ideogram is two elements–a knife suspended over a human heart. I feel the presence of this knife over my heart every day now. There is so much suffering, so much fear, so much uncertainty. Yet the task is to resist closing down from fear or fatigue. Our hearts need to stay open and, at the same time, we can’t succumb to the grief and anger that is so present as our hearts see what is happening to our precious world and all its beautiful people.

My own work continues to focus on how we develop the skills of compassion and insight as Warriors for the Human Spirit, people who vow to train themselves to stay available and present without adding to the aggression and fear of this time.

My book Perseverance is structured around a prophecy from the Hopi native people, describing how we can be of service in this time of a “river flowing now very fast.”

I’ve included the full prophecy at the end of this post.

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I would appreciate you sharing this with your friends and colleagues if you feel they might benefit from this offering.

With blessing for our peace and well-being as we face the future,

. . . . . . . . . . .