We need leaders who recognize the harm being done
to people and planet through the dominant practices that
control, ignore, abuse, and oppress the human spirit.
We need leaders who put service over self,
stand steadfast in crises and failures, and
who display unshakable faith that
people can be generous, creative, and kind.

Margaret Wheatley



The Stages of the Warrior Journey


Equity Conference 2021

The Equity Conference was hosted by the San Diego County Office of Education.  The conference theme was “Equity is Love in Action.”  Meg drew an important distinction between equity and love, and offered practices for assessing the strength of relationships and keeping them strong and healthy.

What is a Servant Leader in this uncertain world?  International Servant Leadership Summit, October 2020

In this 18′ talk for the International Servant Leadership Summit, Meg reconnects us to our faith in the human spirit that inspires us to serve.  She also stresses that a new form of servant leadership is required.  When people are in so much fear and anxiety, we cannot lead from behind; we must move to the front and take charge.  As people learn to trust is and experience our faith in them, only then will they move out of fear and willingly step forward to participate.

Warrior Lessons Learned

In these Warrior Lessons Learned videos, Warriors from many different professions and places describe how their training as Warriors enabled them to deal with great challenges.

Margaret Wheatley shares two practices: Taking your seat & Tonglen

This is an excerpt of Meg teaching to Warriors for the Human Spirit. Two practices that are essential for these times- Taking your seat and Tonglen (giving and receiving)