Contemplation: Is Warrior Training for you?

We invite you to enter a contemplative process to discern whether Warrior Training is right for you. Choosing to be a Warrior for the Human Spirit is not a casual decision. Warrior Training is not a one-time leadership development experience. The training sets you on a path of meaning and service that you will continue walking with other dedicated people well past the initial trainings. It is deeply rewarding, often joyful, and requires commitment and discipline.

This contemplative process has three steps to lead you to a decision. It invites dwelling mind rather than linear mind. Linear mind is great for dissection, logic, and analysis, but it excludes essential ways of knowing such as feelings, intuitions, sensations. In dwelling mind, we relax our grip, we don’t have to figure things out or make an immediate decision. We stop grasping for answers, we trust that they will come as we open to the spaciousness of dwelling mind. Contemplation becomes a restful and restorative process filled with insight.


Here are resources for you to go more deeply into the role of Warriors, why Warriors are needed at this time, and what Warrior Training has made possible to those who trained before. View Resources


Please contemplate the following questions. Take time with these, even a number of days. Find a space that supports contemplation where you won’t be distracted, where you can settle in and let your mind relax and open. Then put the question into the space of mind and let it roam free. Many images, concepts, insights can emerge immediately, but giving sufficient time for the mind to play is important. What seemed perfectly obvious early in a contemplation will recede, fade, or morph into something else. As we release ourselves from the need for instant insight, we discover the feel and taste of contemplation: it is relaxing, spacious, fruitful. And it gives us what we need to make this decision.

Question # 1: Please reread the description of Warriorship and this training. What in the description most attracts you or speaks to you most powerfully? What questions and/or doubts does it raise for you? Why do these particular things get your attention? (When we notice what gets our attention, it reveals what’s important to us or issues we’re dealing with.)

Question #2: At this time, what in your work, life, and relationships is calling you to be a Warrior for the Human Spirit?

Question #3: Are you willing to make the commitment of attention and time required? If you need to shift things in your life/work for this to be a priority, will you do that?

Commitments Consult the Schedule posted above for dates, times and location of monthly sessions (if in-person).

  1. Participate in each monthly session (knowing that Life may intervene).
  2. In the month intervals between sessions, do the assignments as given.
  3. Extend yourself to your cohort.


If you are ready to apply for this training, please complete this Self-Nomination Form

We will respond to you within 10 days of receipt of your application. Please note that space is limited so please apply now.

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