with Margaret Wheatley

Perseverance DVD Cover How do we not lose our way in this difficult time?

How do we maintain our clarity, stamina and faith as we experience disruptions, set-backs and obstacles?

How do we persevere on behalf of the people, places and causes we love?
Based on Margaret’s book Perseverance, this DVD is a gentle, encouraging inquiry into these and other questions, and provides you with the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and strengths of people who persevere.

Filmed in the natural beauty of Sundance and Provo River Canyon in Utah, Margaret guides you through a series of reflections so that you might notice how you’re being affected by dynamics that can demoralize and exhaust us. She calls us to notice that we all come from ancestors who persevered (otherwise we wouldn’t be here) and to claim our identity as one who wants to persevere.
Throughout, you’re given time to pause and reflect in the presence of nature’s beauty. It is our intent that you’ll feel rested, provoked and refreshed by the experience of this DVD.

  • Chapter One: How are you being affected by these times?
  • Chapter Two: Staying in the middle of the river
  • Chapter Three: Perseverance requires mindfulness
  • Chapter Four: Dealing with opposition, urgency and change
  • Chapter Five: Turning to one another

Watch a preview:


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An Inquiry with Margaret Wheatley

Eight Fearless Questions CoverJoin Dr. Margaret Wheatley, renowned author and teacher, in exploring eight questions designed to help you develop clarity about your work and the contribution you want to offer at this troubled time. In her gentle but forceful way, Dr. Wheatley takes us deeper into the questions of identity, reality, and our capacity to discover fearlessness for the people and issues we most care about:

1. Does the world need me to be fearless?
2. Who do I choose to be for this world?
3. How do I name myself?
4. Can I bear witness to what is?
5. Can I work with what’s available?
6. Can I give up needing to make a difference?
7. How do I imprison myself?
8. How do I offer my work?

Watch this video excerpt from the DVD:

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Leadership and The New Science

Based on the best selling book, this video instantly brings to life the breakthrough management concepts set forth by Dr. Margaret Wheatley. Moment-by-moment- a profoundly inspiring, spell-binding blend of imagery takes you beyond yourself, beyond your environment, beyond the usual perspectives. You see and hear Dr. Wheatley against an intriguing backdrop of visual metaphors while she describes Nature’s living systems as models for new ways of revitalizing today’s organizations.
(CRM Films, 22 minutes, to order call 800-421-0833)

Lessons From the New Workplace

This long-awaited sequel to CRM’s best selling Leadership and the New Science video offers compelling applications to help your organization adapt to chaos and change while increasing its capabilities, competence and endurance. In this powerful documentary, you’ll see how the U.S Army, a leading Fortune 500 company, and a visionary educational system renewed themselves to become flexible, adaptive, leader-full learning organizations. Discover powerful new ways of coping with organizational chaos and change and using them as positive forces for breakthroughs in teamwork, creativity and productivity.
(CRM Films, 21 minutes, to order call 800 421 0833)

It’s a Wonderful Life: Leading Through Service

A compelling and illuminating journey into Servant Leadership, graphically illustrated using poignant clips from the film, It’s A Wonderful Life. By looking at heroes we admire — in this case, the beloved George Bailey — viewers understand the fundamental ingredients of Service Leadership and the rewards of a life of small acts of service. (Advanced Knowledge, 25 minutes, to order call (818) 784-0040

Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don’t Quit

Selected clips from the classic movie starring Henry Fonda. Narrated by Dr. Margaret Wheatley, the video highlights five qualities that support effective teams: open inquiry, accepting responsibility for making a decision, participation and equality of team members, the value of conflict in uncovering ideas and new information, and the essential role of diversity in decision-making. (Advanced Knowledge 25 minutes, to order call (818) 784-0040

Creating Organizational Futures

Featuring Margaret Wheatley, poet David Whyte, and pianist Michael Jones, in a live broadcast from Trinity Church Wall Street.

In this beautiful, arresting, and stimulating video, Wheatley and Whyte address critical questions that organizations and individuals must ask in an increasingly volatile environment:
•How do we keep alive the energy needed to generate creative solutions, visions, strategies?
•How do we nourish ourselves and our colleagues to be creative and courageous?
•What qualities are now required of us as leaders?

(International Institute for Learning, 100 minutes, to order call 800 325 1533)