Who Do We Choose To Be?
Facing Reality | Claiming Leadership | Restoring Sanity2nd Edtion with 80% new Material

(June 2023, Berrett-Koehler)

Are you seeking to find your path of contribution?
Do you need greater understanding to bring this path into clearer focus?
Have you discovered that meaningful work is a source of joy?

The Second Edition of Who Do We Choose To Be?  is a brand new book, with 80% new material. My intention is to bring current reality into sharp focus so that we may find our path of contribution for this time. As people who have made a difference, as people who want to use our power and influence for good, we must understand that this world requires a different difference.  What formerly was meaningful work may no longer serve current and future challenges as conditions continue to deteriorate and the Spirit of Life in both people and planet is under increasing assault.

In a world we cannot recognize, how do we find a way forward?
In this world we do not understand, how do we know what to do?
When so little is comprehensible, what is meaningful work, what is genuine contribution?

These questions are only asked by people who want to make a difference, who want to engage rather than withdraw, who want to use their power and influence in service to others. I assume this is you, a seeker intent on finding your path of contribution in this strange and confusing time. My aspiration is for you to see clearly so that you may act wisely. If we don’t know where we are, if we don’t know what to prepare for, we stay lost, wandering in the frightening wilderness. Only when we know where we are can we choose a meaningful path forward.

I welcome you wholeheartedly into this inquiry so that you may you find and joyfully embrace your path of contribution for this time.

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Reviews of Who Do We Choose To Be? 

“I want to state up front my deep affection and appreciation for Margaret Wheatley. Wheatley’s books aren’t just facts and figures, they aren’t simply a vision for a different world, they aren’t manuals to guide action; they are pieces of art, meditations, journeys into deep places, cries for change, calls to action, yearnings for a better world. Her books are expansive, creative, generative, and deeply personal.”

– “Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal”

“Bold and challenging. Margaret Wheatley doesn’t shy away from addressing the unprecedented challenges facing humanity, while at the same time exploring how to respond with wisdom and compassion. A beautiful book too–short sections and fabulous quotes combined with sensitive photographs. Clearly a labor of love, as is her work in the world.”

– Peter Russell – Consciousness teacher, philosopher, physicist, author of many books from The Global Brain (1983) to Letting Go of Nothing and Forgiving Humanity (2023.)