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A possibility for this time

The Warrior’s Songline is a multi-sensory experience of the journey all Warriors for the Human Spirit
must take to learn how to be the presence of insight and compassion for this time.
This is a new form using voice and sound to engage your body, mind, and spirit.
As you journey on this Songline, may it change you.
May it summon you to become a Warrior for the Human Spirit.
May it be the start of your Warrior training.

“Sane leadership is the unshakeable faith in people’s capacity to be generous, creative and kind. It is the commitment to create the conditions for these capacities to blossom, protected from the external environment.  It is the deep knowing that, even in the most dire circumstances, more becomes possible as people engage together with compassion and discernment, self-determining their way forward.”

from Who Do We Choose to Be?

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