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Restoring Sanity: Practices to Awaken Generosity, Creativity, and Kindness

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The Second Edition of Who Do We Choose To Be? is a brand new book, with 80% new material.
My intention is to bring current reality into sharp focus so that we may find our path of contribution for this time.
As people who have made a difference, as people who want to use our power and influence for good,
we must understand that this world requires a different difference.
What formerly was meaningful work may no longer serve current and future challenges
as conditions continue to deteriorate and
the Spirit of Life in both people and planet is under increasing assault.

“Sane leadership is the unshakeable faith in people’s capacity to be generous, creative and kind. It is the commitment to create the conditions for these capacities to blossom, protected from the external environment.  It is the deep knowing that, even in the most dire circumstances, more becomes possible as people engage together with compassion and discernment, self-determining their way forward.”

from Who Do We Choose to Be?

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