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Here is a small but growing collection of videos that I hope you will take the time to watch. Among all the wonderfully creative short videos being produced these days, the ones I've selected for inclusion in my site are those that beautifully and poignantly express the beliefs, dreams, and difficult realities that also underpin my own work.

I welcome your suggestions for other videos that have these same qualities.


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Videos Featuring Margaret Wheatley

Video with Meg Wheatley for I-Open.org
Meg Wheatley presented "The Gift Economy" seminar November 1, 2013 at the River's Edge Cleveland in Rocky River, Ohio. Includes transcript, slideshow, and more.

Choosing Service Over Self-Interest, with Peter Block, Steven Piersanti, and Margaret Wheatley
Meg Wheatley participates in this webinar with Peter Block and Steven Piersanti, discussing concepts in Peter's book, Stewardship.

2012 Smart Start Conference
Meg Wheatley answers questions about leadership in this interview filmed at the 2012 National Smart Start Conference for early childhood educators. 

Perseverance: Leadership in Turbulent Times
This October 19, 2011 presentation in Vancouver, B.C. was part of an event sponsored by Hollyhock and The Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education.

Let Go and Lead
In this interview Margaret speaks about: the illusion of control, motivation, humility, a fundamental paradigm shift, the new paradigm, relationships, taking action, and process.

For Persevering People
This video features Margaret Wheatley discussing the topic of perseverance, and her DVD For Persevering People

This video features Margaret Wheatley discussing her book Perseverance, including why she decided to write on this topic.

Command and Control Only Leads to More Chaos
This video, produced by FreedomLab, Netherlands, is an illustrated interview with Margaret Wheatley.

Eight Fearless Questions
This brief video is excerpted from Meg Wheatley's DVD entitled Eight Fearless Questions. In the DVD, Dr. Wheatley explores eight questions designed to help you develop clarity about your work and the contribution you want to offer at this troubled time.

Fearless Leadership for These Times
On May 20, 2009, Margaret Wheatley spoke at the May 2009 CQI Breakfast at Lansing Community College. This presentation, brought to us by LCC TV On-Demand, was not only about leadership during these tough times, but also the importance of working together.

Videos by Others

The Most Astounding Fact (Neil deGrasse Tyson)
Just to keep things in perspective.
Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, "What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?" This is his answer.

Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister
Julia Gillard, as Australia's first woman Prime Minister, offers us a powerful example of a woman leader using her position, authority and clarity to call out the hypocrisy around sexism and misogyny in the Opposition Leader of  Australia's Parliament.  She sets a new standard for us as warriors for the human spirit. .

Learning Journey to Detroit
Enjoy these two excellent videos by Filiz Telek, which emerged from the October 2012 Detroit Learning Journey.

Tree of Life

A powerful short video on the Tree of Life -- a social healing process in Zimbabwe for victims of torture and tragedy using circle practice.

Keeping the Gods Inside
One of the best pieces I've heard for us activists, about staying present and honoring the god within, about connecting heart and gut, and about current politicians. Very inspiring and provocative, from one of Latin America's most acclaimed journalists, Eduardo Galeano.

Botswana Guitar Virtuoso
An incredible performance by Ronnie Moipolai, a woman in Botswana who plays guitar in a style like no other.

Warriors Without Weapons
This moving video is about "Warriors Without Weapons," an initiative begun in Brazil that has now travelled to other countries. The Berkana Institute has partnered with its creators, and participated in the event filmed here. We continue to explore the places and people who would benefit from this playful, purposeful approach to creating physical changes in communities devastated by poverty and neglect. Go to www.berkana.org for more info.

Finding Her Voice
My dear friend singer/songwriter Barbara McAfee (we've done the Women's Leadership Revival Tour together in 15 North American cities) became friends with Karly Wahlin about a year ago. She has since produced Karly's first CD. This is a story of the faith, valor and talents that live within all of us. In Karly's case, it was her mother who saw past her severe physical disabilities and found ways to help her daughter release her music into the world.

The Power of Words
An important message about the importance of giving voice to the issues we care about. Also see 'I want to be a Ukrainian' under Writings.

National Geographic Photographer
A truly incredible interaction between a National Geographic photographer and a leopard seal in Antartica. Further evidence that the world is not as ruthless as our science likes to tell us.

Blood Into Gold
Musician Peter Buffett, perfoming "Blood into Gold" with Akon. A powerful lyric and video about human trafficking, one of the three largest businesses in the world these days (the other two are drugs and armaments). Peter is the son of Warren Buffett. He also performed this song live with Akon at the United Nations in May: http://www.peterbuffett.com/video/vlog.html.

Playing for Change
A stunning, heart-opening video about the power of community as the only way to change the world from Bill Moyers Journal on PBS.org. This begins with Moyers speaking, but quickly moves on to featuring Playing for Change: Peace Through Music, 100 musicians around the world playing Stand By Me. It's pure joy to watch, and also to then listen to the creator of this who took 10 years making this and is now building music schools around the world. See also www.playingforchange.com

The Girl Effect
A witty and innovative description of why we need to support women and girls to change the world.
From http://girleffect.org.

Women rank high in Rwanda's government
The women of Rwanda have endured more than any of us could possible imagine due to the genocide there several years ago. But now, in spite of watching their families murdered and being themselves raped, these women have stepped forward to govern and create change. Rwanda has the highest percentage of women Parliamentarians of any country, 56%.

Embracing Pain: A brief interview with Joanna Macy, writer and teacher of eco-spirituality
Joanna Macy is one of the world's great workers and thinkers--I hope you know of her work, which spans many decades, many peoples and many causes. This brief video offers her wisdom as a Buddhist, gleaned from her years of working steadfastly on some of the world's most troubling issues.

Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation
A Ukranian sand artist retells their history through her art in sand

Gaon Chodab Nahin
An Indian (India) song set to images about their rebellion against destructive development in tribal lands and forests.


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