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MAY 28-30, 2014

Awakening Our Perceptions to Access
the Information We Need

Sundance, Utah  

"We're lost, but we're making good time."   --Yogi Berra

A Buddhist teacher taught that the only thing we can trust in life is that the world always gives us feedback.  As leaders, how do we develop the will, discipline and skills to stay open to the messages that are always there?  How do we, as individuals and organizations, befriend information rather than ignore or deny it?

This seminar provides the opportunity to develop skills of curiosity and discernment by working with all our sense perceptions.  We will practice new ways for absorbing the messages and information always available to us.  From this rich reservoir, we will focus on developing the skillful means for solving intractable problems and restoring meaning and capacity to our work as leaders.

This will be a very lively and rich exploration of how we sharpen our perceptions as  I'm partnering with my long-time colleague and friend, jazz drummer Jerry Granelli. 

For more information and to register, visit http://www.gagenmacdonald.com/2014/lost-and-found-in-our-brave-new-world-seminar-with-meg-wheatley/


MarshAUGUST 4-8, 2014

Cape Cod Institute

Meg has worked for 40 years with leaders on all continents and with most types of organizations and communities.  At this critical historic juncture, she feels compelled to challenge leaders with this question: "Who do we choose to be for this time?"

Do we contribute to the deterioration of human capacity by our silence and compliance, or do we act bravely and use our power and influence to champion the human spirit, using the resources we have available to create islands of sanity wherever we can?

In these five days, we will explore the challenges, possibilities and processes for creating sane, meaningful, and effective work and workplaces in the midst of an increasingly turbulent and incoherent time.

For more information and to register, visit: