May 22-26, 2017

Who Do We Choose To Be? – Reality, Leadership, Sanity
Schumacher College
Dartington, Devon, UK

This course summons us to be leaders for this time as things fall apart, to reclaim leadership as a noble profession that creates possibility and humaneness in the midst of increasing fear and turmoil.It is possible, in this time of profound disruption, for leadership to be a noble profession that contributes to the common good.

Twenty-five years after the publication of Leadership and the New Science (1992), Margaret’s newest book (Who Do We Choose to Be? Facing Reality | Claiming Leadership | Restoring Sanity), uses the new science of living systems to explain why we ended up in this harsh, life-destroying world, in spite of our years of efforts to create positive change. She also tracks our current culture against the very well-defined pattern of collapse as described in the work of several historians and economists.