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Cover: So Far From HomeSO FAR FROM HOME:
Lost and Found in Our Brave New World
by Margaret Wheatley

An Invitation to Warriorship

I wrote this book for you if you offer your work as a contribution to others, whatever your work might be. And if now you find yourself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and despairing while also experiencing moments of joy, belonging, and increased resolve to do your work.

This book describes how we can do our good work with dedication, energy, discipline and joy by consciously choosing a new role for ourselves, that of that of warriors for the human spirit.

This book contains maps of how we ended up in a world nobody wants - overtaken by greed, self-interest and oppressive power--the very opposite of what we worked so hard to create. These maps look deeply into the darkness of this time so that we can develop the insight we need to contribute in meaningful ways.

Nautilus winnerThis book provides maps into the future, how we can transform our grief, outrage, and frustration into the skills of insight and compassion, to serve this dark time with bravery, decency and gentleness.

As warriors for the human spirit, we discover our right work, work that we know is ours to do no matter what. We engage wholeheartedly, embody values we cherish, let go of outcomes, and carefully attend to relationships. We serve those issues and people we care about, not so much focused on making a difference, as on being a difference.

I invite you into this exploration of warriorship.


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A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now
by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze

In this era of increasingly complex problems and shrinking resources, can we find meaningful and enduring solutions to the challenges we face today as individuals, communities and nations?

Walk Out Walk On coverIn Walk Out Walk On, authors Meg Wheatley and Deborah Frieze invite you on a learning journey to seven communities around the world to meet people who have walked out of limiting beliefs and assumptions and walked on to create healthy and resilient communities. These Walk Outs who Walk On use their ingenuity and caring to figure out how to work with what they have to create what they need.

From Mexico to India, from Columbus, Ohio to Johannesburg, South Africa, we discover that every community has the ingenuity, intelligence, and inventiveness to solve their seemingly insolvable problems. “We discovered a gift inside ourselves,” one Brazilian said, “something that was already there.”

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PERSEVERANCE by Margaret J. Wheatley


How is it that some people persevere, remaining steadfast & persistent no matter what?

How is it that some people, even with failures, betrayals, and set-backs, still keep going, working for what they care about?

How do they not fall victim to exhaustion & despair?

How do they preserve their energy, their motivation, their faith?

For many years, I’ve observed people persevering through tragedies and harsh circumstances I hope never to encounter. And I’ve observed friends, family and colleagues struggling to persevere through this time of uncertainty, difficulty and occasional insanity.

This book is my offering to you if you seek to be one who perseveres, if you hope that your work and life contribute to making things better, not worse, for the people, issues and places you love.

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Turning To One Another TURNING TO ONE ANOTHER:
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.; February 2009
Margaret J. Wheatley
Why I wrote the book

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.; 2006
Margaret J. Wheatley

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.; 2005
Margaret J. Wheatley

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.; 1996
Margaret J. Wheatley & Myron Kellner-Rogers

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