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How Does Raven Know?

My work in the world since 1966-- my travels, writings and teachings--has been an invitation to see the world with new eyes. When we shift how we interpret things, we shift our ability to be effective in service to the people and causes we care about.  If we are to work well and sanely in this distressingly complex world and the complicated, exhausting lives we now live, we need to understand what's going on with much greater insight.  As Einstein said, problems cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created those problems to begin with. 

Seeing with new eyes gives us the capacity to solve problems instead of creating more of them.  At present, too many are clinging to the old ways and stubbornly applying faulty thinking and methods that cannot work.  With new eyes, we can see what needs to be done to have genuine influence. And we develop the confidence and strength necessary to persevere in the work that is ours to do.

Each of my eight books is an invitation to explore world views that offer very different insights and perspectives.   [You can read the description of my writing journey here]  Since 1973, I've worked on all continents (except Antarctica) with an unusually broad variety of organizations: from the head of the U.S. Army to twelve-year-old Girl Scouts, from CEOs and government ministers to small town ministers, from large universities to rural aboriginal villages.  I began my global work serving in the Peace Corps in Korea in 1966-68.

At this critical historic juncture, I now challenge leaders everywhere with these questions: Who do you choose to be for this time? Do you contribute to the deterioration of human capacity by your silence and compliance, or do you act bravely and use your power and influence to champion the human spirit, using the resources available to create islands of sanity wherever you can?

Please explore the many resources available on this website to gain a better idea of my work and the ideas and issues that are of most importance to me.


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